#ILoveNY: Croton-on-Hudson


I’m back at exploring the Hudson Valley! Fall is my favorite time of the year to explore this gorgeous valley along the Hudson river.  The colors are just beginning to come through, and the entire landscape looks like a carefully curated selection of vibrant hues. Greens, yellows, reds, orange and sometimes, even violet.

Croton-on-Hudson is a mere hour’s drive away from New York City, and surrounding areas. It’s an easy distance for a quick weekend trip.


The park has a dam that can be accessed via a short trek through the nearby forest (which we didn’t do, because we were too busy eating), but definitely recommend. A friend visited the spot a week after I did and also did the trek, which she said was light and enjoyable. As usual, it has a large park surrounding it, and we played a good game of frisbee in the soft sun (a sneaky way to get our workout in for the day!).





Made my camera do this trick where it captures a selected color in an otherwise BnW photo






We used our friend’s Instax to get this adorable photo!

On our way back, we decided to just drive around the area for a bit and once again NY didn’t disappoint us 🙂 



Vibrant hues of Fall




That’s the moon!


Be sure to check out Croton-on-Hudson and the nearby area if you’re looking for a quick trip on the weekend. I will be back with another park in my next blog post. Hope you enjoy this Fall Edition!


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