Miami, South Beach Scenes


If you want to party right, hit up the swanky shores of South Beach, Miami. This party town is dead in the AM but by late night, it is teeming with party goers on Collins Ave. And then you realize that of course, no one wakes up until 12 PM the next day.

Our first spot was a little Cuban restaurant Moreno’s Cuba. The colorful decor and kitschy vibe of the place caught my instant attention! We had a great conversation with the bartender, who shed some light on the sentiments of Cuban people towards his country, and also shared his recipe for a wonderful cocktail we had there!

The entrance to Moreno’s Cuba
Vintage decor
I need those chairs!

I’m in the process of home decor and this place had so much inspiration all around. Don’t be scared to experiment with bright colors and different textures. It can be tricky, but you can make them work 🙂 

Coming back, Collins Avenue is pretty much the main street that has everything. They have a free shuttle bus that runs up and down the length of Miami beach, which is pretty frequent and super convenient. Of course, you have your Uber and Lyft as usual.

Free Miami Beach shuttle

There are plenty of hotel options too. There’s no dearth of places to stay. There are regular chain hotels as well as boutique hotels. Whatever you chose, be sure to book in advance as the prices can get really high the closer you get to your visit date.

I also hit up a museum on South beach! I love visiting museums wherever I go, just so i can learn about the history of the surrounding area. The one I originally wanted to visit, The Bass, was closed because it was Labor Day, but I did end up going to The Wolfsonian-Florida International University. It was more of a historical artifacts from around the world type museum.

Me being artsy in a party town. My husband hated me for this 😛

Later that evening, we checked out the famed shores of Miami Beach and swam in the warm waters of Florida. It was a welcome respite from the constant cold waters of the Jersey Shore, which makes me think twice before visiting it.

They have a best Lifeguard stands. So colorful!
Posing with another one.

Finally, at 10 PM, we went out to hit a bunch of nightclubs around town. They each have something unique to offer, which is amazing, but paying up the entrance for each can quickly add up and before you know it, you need to visit the ATM. So I would suggest, just carry a substantial amount of cash.




Just soaking in these bright lights and chill vibes

Couple of places we went to were in Miami Downtown, but unless you want an absolutely extraordinary experience, the Miami Beach area is good enough.

There is one place that deserves special mention, which is Nikki Beach Miami, a super swanky beach lounge / night club. I will say I am an extremely beach biased person, and even food served on a beach tastes better to me, so a beach nightclub had to hit the spot. But check out these pictures, and tell me you don’t want to be there!



This place has its own inner dining area too, as well as free access to Pearl Lounge above it, if you just show them the receipt from order at the Nikki Beach lounge. There’s no end to partying in Miami!

On the final morning, we went to the beach again and had ourselves squeeze in the last bits of our vacation, walked around the Miami Art Deco district and I even bought a gorgeous vintage poster, which now adorns of one our bare walls. 


Leaving you with some sunny pictures of palm trees and clear skies..Do leave a comment if this post inspires your visit to Miami. Ciao!





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