Spring of 2018 in New York!


What the first official day of Spring 2018 looked like.

I can’t say I was utterly disappointed at this sight. It was really funny though that the great nor’easter snowstorm of 2018 decided to coincide with the first day of spring.  We quickly hopped into the car the next morning to catch the fresh snow and get some pictures for this season. We drove up to Palisades, a gorgeous strip of land along the Hudson river, with panoramic views of the river and amazing landscape, just an hour’s drive from the New York City metro area. It’s a treat for the sore eyes any time of the year. 

Me faking calm

The snow was untouched and fresh as we had expected. I couldn’t stop myself from literally walking, kicking, shoveling, picking all over the place. There was an irresistible urge to disturb ALL of the untouched snow! I would’ve been there for hours, had I not been reminded that I had to go to work.

Eye candy


The bench looks so comfortable!


More eye candy

There was also a charming little cottage-turned-cafe that elevated the already serene vibe of this place. 


I had the yogurt chocolate brownie and some coffee, which was perfect for a day like this. There were sandwiches available too. You can easily spend the entire day there, soaking in the views when you get tired of work.


Snowstorms can be disastrous, but what they leave in their wake is divine. Perfect example of how sometime terrible can give rise to a thing of beauty. Next time it snows hard, don’t forget to catch some fresh snow the next day! You won’t be disappointed.



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